Sight Lighting

NEAD will maintain the lighting in your facility with regularly scheduled visits to ensure that your lamps and fixtures are providing the environment that your employees or tenants deserve. In addition to replacing lamps and repairing fixtures, NEAD can also help with:

  • Design & Installation
  • Control Systems
  • Energy Rebates
  • Retrofits

Infrared Thermography

Utilizing the latest techniques in nondestructive testing, NEAD will perform an Infrared Test of your facilities electrical infrastructure that can quickly expose hidden stresses, damaged components, loose connections, unbalanced loads and other faults that have the ability to cause catastrophic damage. The results of this test are submitted to our clients with a detailed list of found issues along with mediation plans

Electrical Infrastructure Surveys

NEAD will inspect and survey your existing infrastructure and develop for you a clear picture of what your electrical system looks like. By providing a comprehensive riser diagram and panel schedules, it helps you understand what you have and making and implementing suggestions so that your critical infrastructure does not have a critical failure.

24 Hour Emergency Service / Disaster Recover

When the unthinkable happens, NEAD is ready to respond with our qualified staff, to reduce the downtime and costs associated with your emergency. NEAD stands behind its clients with access to 24 hour/day, 365 day/year emergency service.