Consulting / Design

NEAD will work with you to understand your overall energy goals and concerns. We then work with our vast network of resources to employee a strategy that fits your budget and meets your goals. By replacing your existing lighting controls, HVAC controls, installing VFD’s and new motors with today’s technology, you can reduce your operating costs substantially.

Lighting Retrofits and Controls

NEAD has the resources and expertise to help you to design, install and maintain the most demanding lighting control schemes. Let our network of engineers help you develop a solution that allows your facility to maximize the use of daylight, utilize the latest advances in ballast design and control techniques to give you a light plan that provides a comfortable and safe environment for the least amount of cost. Depending on the scope of the retrofit, NEAD may also be able to get funding through NYSERDA to help offset some of the initial installation costs.

Combine a control systems with fixture retrofitting or replacement, and you truly start to minimize your operating costs.


NEAD works with the markets most creative solar companies to provide our clients with new solutions to implement solar power into an energy scheme. Whether the solar panels are integrated into the architecture, or are stand alone, our experts will develop the right solution to meet your needs.